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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Is it Friday Yet?

My big reason for asking is because I got a new book!!! I'm so excited to read it. We're keeping up with the weekend reading. This one is by H.B. Moore, Abinadi. I got lucky enough to win it in her weekly contest. How's that for great?? A new book and I didn't have to pay for it! (Which is great, because I took the boys out for lunch, and after chicken nuggets, chips, and churros, our bank account is one new book negative.)

One of the things that most excites me about this book is the research Moore's put into it. She's got notes about her research! Orson Scott Card, another of my favorite authors, also had notes of research at the backs of many of his books. (Ah, the wonders of Enchantment. How I loved this book.) This so impresses me. I'm not into the whole research gig. I do it because I'm like, yeah, I know, I made this up. And someone's going to notice. So I guess I'll get the truth. But that's more work! On top of the fact that I just spent three years writing and revising the thing!

Okay, so, I haven't put that much effort into a book yet. But I know it's gonna happen. And then I'll have to buckle down, put on my undergraduate shoes, and research. I know how. You don't graduate with an English degree without knowing how. But I don't like it.

Anyway. I'm not touching Heather's--I mean H.B. Moore's--book until tomorrow. If I feel like it, I'll post a review. So keep reading.

Sequel Stats:
today's goal: 3,716
actual: 4,757
tomorrow's goal: 5,757


Stephanie Faris said...

Have fun. I need more time to read!!! I'd love to just curl up with a good book this weekend and shut the world out.

Kate said...

Your sequel stats look good!

Tamara Hart Heiner said...

Thanks, Kate! This blog will keep my accountable.

Karen Gowen said...

You are really disciplined. I would have that book DONE by Friday. I am so curious about it. Hope you do a review.

J Scott Savage said...

You'll like it. I think it might be my favorite of all her books and I read them before their even edited as part of her critique group, so it's that much better after all the polishing.

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