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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

10 Days Left

10 days left.

10 days left.


Oh my heavens, finally. I am on the countdown to the end of this Kindle Scout campaign.

The biggest thing I've learned (or rather remembered, because obviously I knew it): I hate campaigning. I hate contacting people and asking for support. Especially people I know. Asking strangers is so much easier. 

So the next time I decide to run for a political position, please remind me how much I hate this.

But I, and my book, are hanging in there. In the light of being totally transparent, because everyone I've met through the campaign has willingly shared their experience, stats, and advice, this is how it looks for me so far:

Friday, December 11, 2015

Camaraderie and Kindle Scout

Something unexpected has happened during this Kindle Scout Campaign: I've made a friend.

Who would have thought while you're competing against someone you could become supporters? That's what's so very awesome about the writing world.

I was going to write a long blog post about how nerve-wracking and time-consuming this campaign has been, but my new friend Jeanne (pronounce Genie) McNamee beat me to it. Her blog post is awesome and sums it up right here.

As for my book, as we enter into week 2, I've managed to hang in the top 20, keeping my little "hot and trending" status. Apparently this is really important? We'll see.

I just love this book. I love Kylee's story. I'm hard at work writing the sequel to LAY ME DOWN. I can't wait to share pieces of it with you! If you haven't had a chance to check out the entry, click here!

And since you get to have three nominations going at any one time, here are some of my author friends with books on Kindle Scout! Consider nominating their books, as well!

Jeanne McNamee

Rachelle J. Christensen

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Lay Me Down Campaign is Now Live! And you could win $100.

Enter to win 2 $100 Amazon Gift Cards!

That’s right, you have TWO chances to win $100 gift cards. Read on for details…

I'm so very excited.

My newest young adult novel, LAY ME DOWN, is now on Amazon's Kindle Scout program. The neat things about this program is that readers choose who gets published. It's basically the grown-up version of Amazon's ABNA book contest, and it's the American Idol for the book world.

And here's the thing. If you nominate my book and I win, you win too. Guaranteed. Because every time you nominate a book and it gets published by Amazon, they send you a free copy. Free books!! It's very awesome.

Here's my book. My beautiful, amazing book that I just love.

Life is more than just breathing.
Kylee Mansfield knows what it is to be alone. Her dad left when she was seven, and her mother remarried an abusive alcoholic. Kylee finds ways to escape reality, usually by substituting one pain for another. Things take a deadly turn when a jagged cut shows up on her arm, and she doesn't know where it came from. She enlists the help of her neighbor, Price Hudson, to help her uncover the truth. But Price shows her much more than just her past—he shows her what it is to be alive.

Nominating is very quick. Click this link here and sign in with your Amazon account. The first four chapters are on there, and you're welcome to read them. Or you can just click the "nominate" button. All done!

Unless you want more chances to win. Because I'm giving away $200. For all the after-Christmas sales! This is a two-step process, so pay attention.

How to enter:

1) As soon as you've nominated my book, send me an email at tamara at tamarahartheiner dot com. (Translate that into email jargon. Ask in the comments if you need help.) This is on the honor system! I have no way of knowing if you actually nominated me or not, so I'm trusting you! As soon as I get your email, I'll enter you into my first $100 Amazon gift card contest. You can only be entered into this one ONCE.

2) TELL EVERYONE to nominate my book. Spread it on Facebook, Twitter, your blog, your email list. And tell everyone that when they send me their email telling me they nominated my book, they need to mention YOUR NAME. Then you'll be entered into the second $100 Amazon gift card contest. This one you can be entered into AS MANY TIMES AS YOU'RE REFERRED.

If you need something to copy and paste for your Facebook/blog/email posts, here ya go: Vote for Tamara Hart Heiner’s new book LAY ME DOWN on Kindle Scout (https://kindlescout.amazon.com/p/AANGH65P8YLB), then enter the Two $100 Amazon Gift Card contests by emailing tamara (at) tamarahartheiner (dot) com and telling her that you voted and that I referred you. You’ll be entered into her 1st giveaway, and I’ll be entered into her 2nd giveaway. Win Win! You can then refer others to get yourself entered into the 2nd giveaway too.

But hurry! The clock is ticking! Nominations are only open until January 2! Are you excited? I am. I appreciate all of your help! Thank you!
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