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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Club Girls

Episode 2 available now!

And it's free, today and tomorrow only!

When Cassandra and her two best friends decide to start a club, she realizes it's going to be harder than she thought. She tries to hold it together as she and her friends weather parents who don't want to drive them, vicious dog attacks, and petty cat fights. On top of that, Cassie is still trying to convince her mom to add a new pet to the family.

Episode 2: Club Girls (click the link to get your free ebook!)

If you missed getting Episode 1 last month, don't worry! You can still get it for just $0.99! Click here to purchase Episode 1: The New Girl.
And I'm off to Rio de Janeiro for more research for my cookbook! I love my job! Bless and have a wonderful summer!
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