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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

10 Days Left

10 days left.

10 days left.


Oh my heavens, finally. I am on the countdown to the end of this Kindle Scout campaign.

The biggest thing I've learned (or rather remembered, because obviously I knew it): I hate campaigning. I hate contacting people and asking for support. Especially people I know. Asking strangers is so much easier. 

So the next time I decide to run for a political position, please remind me how much I hate this.

But I, and my book, are hanging in there. In the light of being totally transparent, because everyone I've met through the campaign has willingly shared their experience, stats, and advice, this is how it looks for me so far:

What does this mean, exactly? No one really knows. It shows that LAY ME DOWN has had good support thus far in my campaign, but that my page views have dropped dramatically since day one. I don't know how many nominations I have (it doesn't tell me that), but I'm hoping most of those page views (minus mine) have equaled nominations. The page views could have dropped because I've gotten really busy (Hello, Christmas?) and haven't been campaigning as much. Or they could have dropped because of the time of year (Christmas, anyone?) and people just aren't checking it out. Or there's always the possibility that it's just me.

At any rate, I've still got ten days left to sweat it out. There's still plenty of time to nominate me, if you want! And check out some of the other entries, especially the ones listed below, because you might find one you love!

My book: Lay Me Down

The Soldier's Bride by Rachelle J. Christensen
The Bicycle Gang by Ricky Corum
Sparkle Arin Lee Kambitsis
The Secret Patient by Vaughan W. Smith
My Sister’s Secrets by Jeanne McNamee
Diamond Bonds by Jeff Kish
Expert Witness by Nicole Luckourt
The Elf’s Apprentice by Frances Pauli
Lord Bart and the Leagues of SIP and ALE
Dead and Breakfast: A Cayo Hueso Mystery by Kimberly R. Giarratano
Rosette by Cindy Rinaman Marsch


Linda Hart said...

I'm still rooting for you! Good luck! And, Yes, Christmas might have A LOT to do with it!

Donna K. Weaver said...

But you've been HOT 444 of the 456 hours. That's pretty amazing. Good luck!

Tamara Heiner said...

Yes--but will it be enough?? I don't know!!

Garet said...

Good luck Tamara, you have my nomination! I'm hoping Provenance will have stats as impressive as that with 10 days to go.


Tamara Heiner said...

Thank you so much, Garet! Can't wait to see how it goes for you! Your books sounds great!

Michael James Ploof said...

I've seen your book up there with mine all month (A Cross to Bear). I nominated your book. Good blurb, good excerpt, good cover. I hope they pick you.

Good Luck!

Tamara Heiner said...

Thank you Michael! I've seen yours up there too! We'll know in about a week the ending results. I'll check out your excerpt!

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