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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Character Ramblings

The relationship between my characters is changing, evolving.

My characters have a huge back story. Most of it is never revealed in the book. It has been revealed, piece by piece, in deleted scenes. The bits and pieces that do come out, I have to be careful to make sure it makes sense in context, since the rest of the back story isn't revealed.

But now with the requested changes from my editor, I'm trying to get to know my characters again. How they interact with each other. By changing one small event, such as if Katie kisses Joey (not real characters in my book, btw), I have to re-evaluate the drama between Katie and her nemesis Julia, and the closeness of Katie's friendship with Joey's sister Cara. Suddenly, the whole book changes.

The good thing about this is it opens a new world for me to explore and right about. The bad thing is, it terminates the old world.

It's affecting the sequel, too. Which is now looking three sequels instead of one. Maybe even four. I already outlined sequel #1, even have the first 30 pages written. Looks like not a lot of it applies anymore. I have so many ideas, I think I will go ahead and outline the other sequels, or at least create a thesis statement for them. (Yes, I've never gotten over the English major mentality.) It's going to change. I don't expect a lot of it to be the same by the time I get to writing these sequels.

Back to work. I'm changing POVs today.

Oh, and don't forget. On Tuesday, August 18, I've got an author's interview with Karen Jones Gowen right here. Be sure to check it out and find out more about this new author!


Stephanie Faris said...

I love sequels. I'm hoping to get to the point in my career (you know, PUBLISHED!) where I can pitch three-part series and that sort of thing.

Tamara Hart Heiner said...

it's funny. What started out as a two-book series is now looking like as many as five. All this b/c my editor made me change one thing!

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