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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Seriously Rude

I'm incensed.

I took my kindergartner to the bus stop this morning. It was an emotional experience, putting my little boy on the big yellow bus for the first time. There was a group already waiting, and one dad was talking to another mom (we all have little, little kids, btw. This bus only services the K-4 grades).

She mentions how they didn't wake up until 6:40am, and he said, "Holy S---."

Wait, what? No way. I thought about blowing that off, but I'm not that kind of person. So I laughed loudly and said, "Did you just swear in front of the kids?"

They stopped talking. He looked at me like I had a booger on my forehead. And he said, "I don't know. Did I?"

Oh come on. Seriously, he doesn't know what comes out of his mouth? But I just said, "Try and watch that."

We went on to have an awkward silence while we waited for the bus, but I was totally fuming inside. First, it infuriates me that some people think it's okay to talk like that at home in front of their small children. That's why we get kindergartners who swear. But that's his business. It's his house. However, he better not think it's okay to talk like that in front of other people's children. It made me so mad that he would be so careless as to not even know what's coming out of his mouth in front of all these small kids.

Hopefully he'll keep a good ten feet between us next time. I know he won't want to offend my kid's tender ears.


Elisa said...

Glad you had the guts to say something. He needs to be more aware, that's for sure. Do you think J noticed?

Was he nervous for his first day of school? Can't wait to hear what his feelings were at the end of the day when he came home and told you all about it!

Nina Powers said...

I'm sure he will watch his mouth from here on out. If I slipped a curse in front of a child, (which I do because I don't have children so I forget at times) I'm quick to reproach myself and watch my words. Sometimes a good slip is all it takes to kick our butts (or in this case mouths) into shape.

Tamara Hart Heiner said...

Oh Nina, I'm sure the chances of you slipping a curse in front a child are rare! But yeah, even if you did, you'd feel awful about it! but he's kept his distance from me since then, lol.

Elisa, Jacen loved school. Today's his third day. He did comment yesterday that school is long!

Charity Brown said...

wow! you are stronger than me! i probably wouldn't have said a thing out of fear of what would be thought of me! glad there are moms like you out there!

KarenG said...

Good for you for speaking up. And if he keeps his distance that's probably him being embarrassed. I have asked teens who are swearing in public in front of me to please not, and every time the response has been positive. Apologies, etc. It would have been nice if this dad had responded with an apology instead of with an idiotic comment.

Kelley said...

Good for you for speaking up. I bet he'll think twice about what he says in public now... hopefully he will at least.

Stacy Henrie said...

How frustrating, but that's awesome you spoke up.

Aaron and Emily said...

you are awesome.so gutsy to speak up like that!

Lucy Curtis said...

Good for you. It's like you said, his house is one thing, but that's just insensitive in that environment.

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