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Friday, August 19, 2011

In My Other Lives

I'm living my dream life right now. I'm married, live in a small but cozy house, and have three beautiful, wonderful children.

I'm also published. I'm an author, and in my free time, I write. I absolutely love this.

But there are other things I enjoy too. And sometimes, in the midst of doing another hobby, I'll sigh and fantasize about what I'd do if I had another life--or two--to live.

1) I'd open a restaurant. Every time I'm in the kitchen coming up with something totally awesome, complex, or simple, I think how fun it would be to have a restaurant. But I'd be the owner and the chef. What fun I'd have coming up with the menu, experimenting with different foods, watching people enjoy over what I cooked. I have half a dozen ideas for different kinds of restaurants. It's a fun, indulgent fantasy, because I do not have time to be a mom, a writer, and a restaurant owner/chef.

2) I'd go to beauty school and be a hair/make-up artist. Surprised you, didn't I? I love hair, and I love make-up. And I love doing it to myself and other people. But I have no schooling. Everything I do is trial and error. I would love to learn the "real way" to do things. And then I would love to practice on people, turn a normal hair-do into something phenomenal. And make-up, don't even get me started. But paying for beauty school would be a frivolous expense right now, because I don't have time to work in a salon. In another life...

3) I'd be an actress/singer. Yes, those fantasies from my childhood still linger. The fun and wonder of being on stage in front of an audience, the heart-racing excitement of performance. Sometimes I still think of it.

But I can't do it all. I love what I do, and I must content myself with that.

And you? If you could choose one other avenue for your life, what would it be?


Jen Daiker said...

Boy do you have fabulous aspirations!

I must say when I was a teen I wanted to be everything under the sun, from an EMT to a costume designer. When I started to write I realized all my dreams could come true... I could live the day of anyone I wanted (especially for research) and fulfill each dream.

That's the beauty of writing.

Three copies of Putting Makeup on Dead People to giveaway at Unedited!

Tamara Hart Heiner said...

That's an awesome way to look at it!

Elisa said...

I definitely have fantasies... some I hope to still get a shot at when the kids get a lil older. I too would love to perform, but ONLY on stage. I have NO aspirations for movies, just Broadway. Anything with singing and dancing. Which translates into local productions at this point. I LOVED my international folk dance classes at BYU and wish I had learned to clog at an early age so I could actually be good at it. I also have culinary aspirations... though the idea of an actual restaurant is intimidating. I think I would just enjoy going to culinary school. I also really enjoy cake decorating. One of the biggest aspirations might seem funny to you, but I would have LOVED to be a sculptor. Yea, I know, I got my undergrad in art... but I am still way underqualified to be a bonified stone-wood-bronze sculptor. 3-D art is way more fun for me than painting, but I didn't discover how much I loved it until a year before I graduated. and without the training and the tools, it just can't happen.
I have more, but this comment is already too long. Maybe I'll do a post of my own inspired by yours. someday.

Kelley said...

Well, I wouldn't open a restaurant because it would burn down the next day... but I would love to be a professional taste tester ;)

No, if I could do something else (or I should say when ;) ;)) I'd want to be an overall entertainer. Writer, sing and act. I know it sounds totally left field and I have no desire to be famous. Just to do those things would be real neat.

Great post!

Mary Aalgaard said...

I would also be a performer. sigh.

Kari Marie said...

I agree with Jen - I discovered writing could let me live out all my fantasies without giving up anything in my real life.

I would love to open a bakery, become a singer, or run an animal shelter.

Tamara Hart Heiner said...

a bakery! I thought of opening a bread and butter restaurant only. I thought that would be so much fun.

Lola X said...

Absolutely fantastic blog!!! Glad I found it! Love it!!!

Lola x

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