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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Star Wars Karma

What are the chances of two individuals from totally different parts of the galaxy coming together at the right time and the right place and finding out they are twins, separated from birth?

If we had never seen Star Wars, would this sound totally hokey, or really really cool?

I remember as a child when I first made the connection that they were brother and sister. I thought it was awesome. And then Darth Vader (or Dark Vader, as I called him) is their father?? Wow. What a fascinating family.

Could this happen in real life? We buy into it in Star Wars. There's the Force, and all, and maybe that pulls family members together. What about in real life, though? Is there any 'force' that might bring biological family members into proximity, and they don't even know it? Might they feel a certain familiarity with the stranger in the sub station, or a connection with the teller at the bank?

I don't know how often this happens, if ever. But it sounds good, in theory. Siblings separated shortly after birth, not knowing about each other, encountering later in life. I love the rich element of family ties, the flavor of warmth and friendship that this theory lends to Star Wars. We've all seen it in fiction. Has anyone seen it in real life?

Well, of course I couldn't leave this alone. So I went and did some searching. Here are a couple of links I found: Twins' marriage annulled. Apparently it does happen, and worse! sometimes they get married!!! The poster said he didn't believe it could happen, but the comments are unbelievable. Someone dated his sister unknowingly and they ended up on Oprah. All kinds of stories. Here's another link to the same marriage story. Very, very bizarre.


Stephanie Faris said...

As great a movie as Star Wars was, I think many of us can see some hokeyness in the plot. I once heard he just took "The Writers Journey" and did everything, step by step, outlined in it. Not sure if that's true or not...

Tamara Hart Heiner said...

The Writer's Journey, huh? I'll have to check that one out.

M. Gray said...

I think I've felt that awe and wonder any time I've discovered one new plot idea for the very first time. But, since we live AFTER everyone else has on our planet, our competition is fierce (we have to come up with new ideas not just amongst our peers, but new ideas, competing with those who have gone before us).

That's why I love the idea of focusing on HOW a story is told. An example. I enjoyed A Walk to Remember by Nicholas Sparks but then found the movie, Keith. They're very similar story lines, but I found Keith to be way more fresh. The dialogue in the story was fantastic, the male lead's character far from forgetable.

Tamara Hart Heiner said...

REally? I loved the book A walk to remember. I'll have to look into "Keith." never heard of it.

Jay said...

I actually found the whole gradual introduction of Leia as Luke's sister well done through the first three movies, or I mean the latter three movies, which were the first three movies... or... oh you get my drift.

But it really hit home at the end of the real 3rd movie - Revenge of the Sith - where they were born and then separated. It was the first real drama I'd felt from Star Wars in years.

Cool post, Tamara!

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