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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Branca Chapter 11

So I'm plowing through Branca, trying to get a chapter done a day before I abandon edits on this book for a few years. Yesterday I redid chapter 11. Really wasn't too bad, since it was mostly in Branca's POV. The little bit that was in Dejan's POV, I just deleted. Works just fine w/out it.

But I added another romantic scene between Branca and Dejan. I think it was necessary to help concrete the relationship between the two of them. To really show the agony our Prince Charming feels at not being able to be with her. And I really like this new scene. It adds a whole nother level of depth to our leading lady.

Today I get to work on chapter 12. This biggest issue I'm going to have in this chapter is Branca's rival, Bara. At first I had decided to cut out her POV as well. Now I'm not sure. There are some interesting scenes that we see through her eyes. I don't think I can incorporate that information or those feelings through Branca's eyes, and she is the only other POV character in this chapter. It gives some relevant information, like how the mirror became a magical object, and how Bara comes to discover about Branca and Dejan's relationship. This could be interesting.

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