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Monday, July 6, 2009

Avoiding Cliches

Right now I'm working on my second novel, Branca. This novel made it to the semi-finals in the ABNA (Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award) contest of 2008. It used to be my better novel. But after the changes I made to Walk Beside Me, I kind of cringe when I look back over Branca.

I love rewriting, though. I love watching something mediocre (or :::gulp::: bad) become better. And Emerin, my friend from writing.com, said something several months ago about the ending being kind of cliche. Well, how do you fix the ending? I've got it now. The idea came to me yesterday. And I am *so excited* to start working on it.

Thanks, Em!

Currently I'm on chapter 7, though. Changing the time frame and giving Cirus' coronation more urgency. Before I think it was kind of like, "Why are we rushing his coronation? What's the hurry?" Well, I'm still working on the reason, but I think it's more clear now. And instead of having this novel take place over the course of about a year, we're cutting it back to six months. Might even cut it back more...but six months isn't very long for our protagonist to meet Prince Charming (or Dejan, as it would be), court him, and marry him. Though I suppose in fairy tale time, it's plenty long enough.


SM Blooding said...

Ugh! I'm...sloooooogging through revisions. Did a hard revise on The Key. completed that. Still uploading it to The Novel Workshop for reviews to see if I did better or made things worse. But now I'm working on Demonic Alliance and...*whimper, whine* I just want to cry. I'm tired of revising. I want to write! But...I also want to have both of these out and in the agents' hands...so...

*shuffling back to the revise bin*...more revising...no new writing yet. *sniffle*

One day, I'll be a Big Girl Writer and learn to write a book the right way from the the get go...Proper pacing, good plot, no dropped characters or character development strings, no missing setting blocks.

*biting lip and scuffing toe* Someday.

Tamara Hart Heiner said...

ha ha ha! I doubt I'll ever get that! Editor, hold my hand, please! I can't write on my own!

Branca's about to be put to the side, though!

Elisa said...

ahem... could I get an email copy of the current Branca? I still haven't read the end...

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