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Monday, July 20, 2009

First Response

I got my first chapters back from my editor. Wow! She's not afraid to say it how it is. Not only that, she feels quite comfortable giving me advice. Obviously. She commented on the same things many of my readers had. But my attempts to fix the problems in the first two chatpers had fallen short!

Well, Allie was quick to tell me how I could redeem myself. What a project! I can hardly wait for the boys to go to sleep so I can get started. I'll tell ya, I keep forgetting we've already signed a contract. Reading over her comments, my heart froze within me, my blood ran cold, and I thought, "Oh no! They're never going to request a full!" And then, "Oh yeah. They've already read the whole thing and agreed to publish it!"

It definitely cushions the blow.

I had one of those nights last night when I couldn't sleep. How perfectly frustrating. I stayed up late revising a friend's story, and then went to bed because I couldn't keep my eyes opened anymore. And then couldn't sleep. I kept thinking, I should just get out of bed and work on my book. But I was too tired to think about my book. So I just wasted my time tossing and turning.

My little ones are waking up. I'll get some work done during their naptime--provided I'm not napping too!


Karen Gowen said...

That is so funny..You're all stressing out thinking it will get rejected, when you have a contract framed (or at least waiting for a frame!)

David J. West said...

I felt exactly the same way, wondering how did this get accepted? (Mine, not yours) It is such an odd feeling at least for me, of being incredibly proud and yet self-conscious of our work. I think it must be a writer thing. I go from thinking this is the best thing ever written in its genre, to, is anybody even gonna like it. Gotta rememeber, it was accepted, so at least 4 other people saw something.
Best wishes in your rewrites/editing.

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