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Friday, June 29, 2012

The End!

Today wraps up my blog tour.

So far I can summarize with mixed feelings. Not everyone has loved my book. That should come as no surprise, and in the author world it's entirely expected. And yet when that book releases, I think we all kind of hope and feel that this time, it will be different. Everyone will love it.

By and large, the majority (like 95%) of readers have enjoyed ALTERCATION, even if they haven't read PERILOUS. And if they have, they feel ALTERCATION is a much richer, deeper, more emotive novel.

But not everyone feels that way.

Interestingly enough, I think ALTERCATION accomplishes what I intended for both books to do. It's a longer book, full of character development and thickening plots. It's written for a YA audience. And it reaches them. The one audience that is not enjoying ALTERCATION so much? Older men. Since they are not my target audience, this shouldn't bother me. But many of them enjoyed the fast pace, action-packed plot of PERILOUS. It's a disappointment to lose them. Overall, however, I think I gain a lot more with ALTERCATION. It's exactly what I want it to be, and I'm happy with it.

Today is the last day of the blog tour, and it's here at Debbi Davis's blog! And then it's time to go around, make comments, tweet and facebook. I'll add up points next week and announce the winner's in July!


Julie Daines said...

Congratulations on your second book release! I just found out that you're in an online crit group with my good friend and fellow crit partner Taffy! Small world!

Stephanie Black said...

Congratulations on Altercation, Tamara!

Arlee Bird said...

You haven't lost me yet. I'm looking forward to whatever you do next. I hope it has more to do with Jaci's dad since he seems like he could be an intriguing action character that men could relate to more.

I'm still a big fan of your writing. You have a good contemporary style, smooth dialog, and an impeccable sense of detail.

I can see where female readers would relate better to Altercation, but I personally like how Perilous was literally all over the map. What an engrossing adventure.

I hope you try more of an adult novel--one with older characters that is--one day. But you are creating an excellent niche in the YA market. I'm rooting for your success!

Wrote By Rote

Tamara Heiner said...

You're not the only one who would like to see more happen with Jaci's dad! I've thought of trying my hand at an adult novel. I don't know if I have the patience for such a thing. We'll see!

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