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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Summer Camps

I love summer time! The hot weather, the pool passes, picnics and barbecues and vacations... it's all such a wonderful, crazy combination.

This year I even put my kids in summer camps. How awesome for them! I thought it would be a bit of a break for me, but instead I find myself trying to run errands in the short amount of time I have before I have to drive back and pick up said child from camp. But still, it's awesome.

And another great thing that came out of it: while researching camps, I discovered writing camps in the area. A quick email, and I booked myself as a speaker at these camps.

I really enjoy speaking to kids about writing. It's what I did as a kid, and it's what I do now. I love all the amazing opportunities there are!

So without further ado, I'm out of here. Don't forget to stop by Justine Dell's blog today for the stop on the blog tour!


Aaron and Emily said...

what kind of camps did you put them in?

Tamara Heiner said...

I put Asher in an acting camp and Jacen in tennis. :)

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