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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Newsletters Work

I have a newsletter sign up on the side bar to this blog, and occasionally people sign up to receive my newsletter. In addition, I bring along a sheet when I do book signings, and lots of people sign up. So to date, I have a few hundred people on my newsletter.

Last year, I sent out three newsletters. This year, I've sent out one so far, just to announce the release of my new book. I was a bit discouraged at first at how few people open my newsletter. I mean, we all do it, right? We sign up for newsletter after newsletter with the best of intentions, but when they start arriving in our inbox, we go, "Why did I sign up for this?" Thus we delete it, often without reading.

So maybe 30% of subscribers actually read my newsletter. But you know what? It's enough. I've had several subscribers show up at my book signings to get their copy of the sequel. One lady said she wrote it on her calendar and took her lunch break early so she could get her book.

It might seem like you're not reaching anyone, but you are! In the meantime, the sooner I get to a thousand subscribers, the better.

How many of you have newsletters? What's your open rate? How often do you send them out?

Our blog stop today is Ms. Bonnie Harris! Still not sure you want Altercation? Stop by her blog and see what she says about it!


KarenG said...

Thanks for this post, Tamara. I've often thought about the newsletter option but never pursued it. I know I missed an opportunity. I wish I'd started one right off the bat with Farm Girl. I like that you don't send out a lot. Why spam our readers, right?

Tamara Heiner said...

It's not too late, Karen, and they're super easy to set up!

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