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Friday, October 2, 2009

Spotlight: Stephanie Faris

I am excited to introduce you all to Stephanie Faris, one of the most interesting bloggers in blogworld. I'm not quite sure how I met Steph. Just one of those things that happens: someone comments on my blog, I check out their blog, they have a commenter who looks interesting, I check out their blog...who knows?

You've seen me comment on her a few times. She's awesome. And her blog is fun, introspective, and engaging. It's a must on my daily reading list. Check it out. You won't be disappointed.

Me: So, Stephanie, now that I've given the introduction, let's find out who you are. What's your favorite food?

Stephanie: Mexican food.

Me: That's pretty much an all time favorite. I love the chips and salsa while I'm waiting for my food. Why do you like it?

Stephanie: I just love the whole experience of going to a Mexican restaurant, sharing chips and salsa with a friend or my boyfriend or even family...maybe even some Margaritas if it's a Friday night! I think it's all a psychological thing. It represents to me the beginning of the weekend.

Me: That does. It made me smile just imagining it. That happy, festive, care-free feel. Speaking of weekend festivities, what's your idea of an ideal date?

Stephanie: A nice restaurant, followed by a stroll along the river or (if we were on vacation) along the beach.

Me: That's a Mexican restaurant, I'm assuming. What do you do in a typical day?

Stephanie: Work, run errands, come home and cook dinner or go out to dinner with my boyfriend. Then we'll settle onto the sofa to watch an evening of TV until I get too sleepy to sit up anymore!

Me: Mark and I love doing that!! We kill ourselves staying up late watching movies. We love to do it. So fun. So, Steph, I saw on your blog that you entered the Dorchester's Next Best Cellar Contest. I'll have to check that out! What do you write?

Stephanie: I write young adult and romance. Still not published in book-length fiction but I have been published in confessions magazines (True Story, etc.)

Me: That is so awesome. I'm hopeful for you! You've said before that you're a dog-person. Small dogs or big dogs?

Stephanie: Small dogs...although my dog is medium-sized so I'm growing to prefer bigger dogs through having her.

Me: Small kids or big kids?

Stephanie: I think I prefer older kids...they're quieter!

Me: And you don't have to pay someone as much as your dinner date costs to watch them. Luckily, you probably don't have to find a sitter for your dog when you go out with your boyfriend. How did you meet him, anyway?

Stephanie: On an online dating site...Yahoo Personals.

Me: I know so many people who are finding someone that way. I love how the world is shrinking. I joined the gang of college students traveling to the central hub of dating: Provo, Utah. People are always surprised how someone from Montana could meet someone from Arkansas. (Unless, of course, they've been to the central hub.) Would you consider yourself a morning person or a night person?

Stephanie: I took a quiz once that said I'm an early afternoon person. I think that's right!

Me: Wow, I never heard of that. But I'd have to say, I think that's me, too! Let's get back to your writing, because I think it's so interesting. Your blog is always so creative and you reach out to so many people. What's something you hope to accomplish by writing?

Stephanie: Just being able to share my words with others. Although being able to make a living off of creating worlds through my writing talent -- that would be the ultimate dream.

Me: Amen! One last question, and we'll leave it at that. If you could describe yourself as a color, what would it be?

Stephanie: Pink.

Me: Self-explanatory. Thanks, Stephanie, for taking the time out to do this with me! For those interested in voting for Steph's book in the contest, the link's on her page. I'm on my way there next!

Next week we'll be spotlighting Christina Berry, author of The Familiar Stranger. Watch for it!

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Stephanie Faris said...

Thank you so much! What fun!!! I posted a link to it on my blog.

Kate said...

So fun to red about someone new.


i'm also a huge steph in the city fan and it was fun to read this!

T. Anne said...

Stephanie, that was fun! I prefer small dogs, older kids and Mexican food too ;)

(Hi Tamara! I heart Stephanie, so this was great).

JennyMac said...

What a fun interview Tamara. I enjoy Steph's blog too. Bravo.

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