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Thursday, October 1, 2009

My Favorite Book

Following Steph's blogging challenge, I jumped on the bandwagon and today I will talk about my favorite book growing up. Gladly.

This book needs more attention, anyway. It's called A Rustle in the Grass, and is about, of all things, ants.

Here's the story behind how this book and I met. I was nine years old, in the fourth grade. We had just moved and my mom wanted to go the local flea market and see if they had anything valuable. I had a quarter, and thought for sure I'd be able to buy a chair, a mirror, a shirt, or something.

The only things I found for a quarter were in a dusty barrel. Books. I sifted through them, but none looked interesting. Most were :::cough::: um, adult literature. At the last minute, I grabbed this book. (See picture.) Bought it, took it home, tried to start reading it. It was slightly too advanced for me. I put it down.

But I picked it up again a few months later, shortly after my tenth birthday. Still in the fourth grade. This time, I managed to read it. It took me a long time. A month, I think, and the book's not that long.

I loved it. Loved loved loved it. There's no way to explain to you the life lessons these ants teach. It's so obviously not scientific, since all the ants are male and we all know worker ants are female. And I doubt they go around telling stories and talking to each other. Duh. (That's a rant, because someone on Amazon gave it a low review because it wasn't very realistic. For real???)

I read it again in fifth grade. Again in sixth grade. Towards the end of the sixth grade school year, Ms. Jones (my teacher) must've been running out of things to read to us during reading time after lunch. She asked us if we had any books we'd like the class to read. Of course I brought this book, but either I was at the end of the queue, or she didn't think it looked good. It got bumped back and back while stupider stories got read (in my opinion, of course). Finally, after my begging, she started reading it to us on the last week of school. Needless to say, I don't think we finished a chapter.

But my teacher liked it enough to ask to borrow it over the summer. I said yes, and she was good enough to get it back to me. I passed it on to my little sister.

Two years later, my little sister was in Ms. Jones' sixth grade class. She walked into the room, and low and behold, on the classroom bookshelf was a classroom set of A Rustle in the Grass. Twenty-six lovely copies for the class to read. Boy, did I feel good when she told me that!

When my sister and I first saw the preview for A Bug's Life, however many years ago, our first thought was, "They're making a movie of it! How cool!" Of course, it wasn't our favorite book, which was way disappointing.

I read the book every year until I went to college. Then I read it once every three years. Too many other reading assignments. I can't seem to retain a copy, I keep giving them away. The last time I had a copy was four years ago, when I read the book to my husband. I believe he mailed it to his brother to read. Mark loved the book.

It's astoundingly good. Get it. You'll love it. I can't really say what it's about--you'll think it's not worth reading. I mean, who cares about ants, anyway? You can see my review on Amazon (funny story--a friend of mine, named Sasha Fletcher, asked me to help her set up an account on Amazon. I did something wrong. Not sure what, but all of my reviews were renamed as Sasha Fletcher after I did that. I tried and tried to fix it, and eventually gave up and created a new account.). Anyway, it says it's by Sasha Fletcher, but it's by me.

I don't know much about the author. As far as I know, he's only written two books, and the other wasn't that great (I didn't finish it). He's an actor, a movie director. But this book is good. My favorite to this day.

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Karen Gowen said...

I am still planning on getting that!

Kate said...

Another book to put in my Amazon "save for later" cart!

Solvang Sherrie said...

I've never heard of this book, but if you love it that much it must be good! I'll have to look for it!

Tamara Hart Heiner said...

Sherrie--nobody's heard of this book! It's crazy!

Jannie said...

That's awesome! I love kid books - I'll have to try this one out :) My favorite book when I was in elementary school was "Matilda"...although I think I've only read it twice - I love how much you read!

Elisa said...

ditto! Eric was sceptical, but it was my turn to pick a book and he loved it. Did I ever tell you I read it aloud to Spencer and Amber one year on a family road trip instead of listening to "The Greatest Quest"? They liked it so much we sat in our hotel room reading instead of going out to the pool. I found a copy for less than a dollar on Amazon. I tried to choose this book for our monthly reading in the book club that I'm in, but there wasn't a single copy in either local library district, so I opted for another. I was pretty disappointed not to be able to share the love!

Tamara Hart Heiner said...

What a shame that the libraries didn't have it! I doubt ours has it either. Such a wonderful book. How is it that people haven't heard of it? It's still in print,too. I've ordered it twice from B&N.

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