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Monday, January 23, 2012

My Growth as an Author

As I pull up deleted scenes from Perilous and prepare them for publication on my blog, something becomes blatantly apparent: I've grown as a writer.

It's not that these scenes are horrible, but as I read them, I wince at some of the--well--the choppiness of it all. Some of the words don't quite fit, the dialogue isn't so smooth, the sentences feel fake. It doesn't take too much effort to fix it up, but to me it just screams AMATEUR.

But this doesn't discourage me. Actually, it makes me feel better. It means I've improved my craft. Perilous was still good enough to get a publisher. And now, I feel like I'm an even greater writer. Which just means my future looks good from here!

And as a reader, you can be excited. If you enjoyed Perilous, my future projects are going to blow you away.


Kelley said...

Yeah. I agree. I love and hate going back to my older works, and I'm not even published yet!

But it is really great to see how much we've grown. Because, in the end, other than sharing our stories with the world, isn't that what this is all about? To grow?

Hillary said...

Haha! So awesome Tamara! I'll hold on to something while I wait for the gusts to hit!

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