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Monday, January 9, 2012

School Nightmares

I get to the end of the semester and realize there was a class I never went to.

Or it's the middle of the semester and I remember that I dropped a class and signed up for another, but I haven't gone to the new one.

Or I get to my final exam and see that I studied the wrong material.

Or the year ends and I failed half of my classes because I didn't turn in my homework.

One time, I left my baby in the classroom and when I went back she was gone.

It's been almost ten years since I graduated from college, yet these dreams still plague me. Rather frequently I might add. And they are so real, that when I wake up and realize school is behind me--far behind me--I can't even describe the relief I feel.

I know other people have these nightmares. So why? Was school such a tramautic event that it left this  dark shadow on my psyche? Is this a form of PTSD?

One thing's for certain. I am so glad I'm done.


Kelley said...

I actually never dream. Ever. But if I did this dream you have about college would be horrible!

Anonymous said...

I had many of those dreams - repeatedly throughout high school/college, but not once since I graduated college...

Julie Daines said...

Weird. I never dream about college. But, after working hard on Saturday and teaching on Sunday my first gospel doctrine lesson from the BOM, last night I distinctly remember saying in my dream, "This is NOT the land of your inheritance."

I just wish I could remember who I was talking to!

Talli Roland said...

I always have dreams that there's a major test coming up and I haven't prepared for it!

Aaron and Emily said...

Just had one of those dreams this week. Wendy was tutoring me in the dream. I have them ALL the time.

Hillary Sperry said...

I just think you're crazy :) at least it works for you!

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