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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Marketing Before You Publish

Someone asked me yesterday to talk about some of my marketing ideas. Happy to oblige! (Coincidentally, WiDo's marketing team asked me to send my plans over in an email.) I can't remember what I was going to blog about today, anyway. That will have to wait until later.

I don't want to make this too long, so I'll split it into two posts. Today: Prepublication Promotion. Tomorrow (or the next time I blog): Post-publication Promotion.

Prepublication Promotion

1) Business cards. I just ordered my first set for the Storymaker’s conference. People are always asking about my book, and I tell them to visit my blog, but I doubt very many ever make it this far. This way, they will have a name, an expected release date, and my blog site.

I also spend a lot of time subbing in local junior high and high schools. My target audience is mature teens, 16+. Often the students ask me what I majored in, what I like to read, and I end up talking about my book deal. They are always very excited to buy a book from someone they “know.” The business cards will be an easier way to help them remember. And all the random people I meet on the street, at church, the store, etc.

2) blog. I started a blog last June after I got my contract, and it’s been a great way to meet people, interact with others, and post information about my book.

3) Website. I have purchased the web domain, tamarahartheiner.com, though I haven’t made a website yet. I hope to have one up by May 2010.

4) Networking. I believe that writer’s conferences are one of the best ways to network. I’m excited to attend the LDS Storymaker’s conference in April 2010 and meet a few people. I hope to make a good enough impression that people will remember my name and face, and maybe a few will be willing to read and blurb my book.

I am also planning on attending the Arkansas Writer’s conference in October 2010. Both of these conferences will be beneficial after my book is released, as well, since I can do book signings at the conferences.

5) Press release. Closer to release time, I will put together a press packet for the local newspapers.

6) book trailer. I have read books solely based on the book trailer. Post it online, website, blog, and youtube. I don't know much about technology, film, etc...I might be asking for favors on this one. (Emily? Emily, are you there?)

There you have it, folks! Some of my marketing ideas before your book even hits the shelves! You want to create the buzz...you want people talking, excited!

P.S. Tomorrow's the day.

Did I miss anything? What else can I do before the book is released?


David J. West said...

Excellent Tamara, those are all the things I have been working on too. Oh yeah and I ought to have my book trailer ready by the end of the week.

Lluvia said...

WOW! I had a friend who released his book series about two years ago, and he joined a lot of the myspace groups. He even created a group solely for his book where he was able to go into detail about his characters. He writes fantasy, so he would have his friends dress up as his characters. But yeah, the group was one way he promoted his upcoming book.

Another thing you can do is a Perilous Facebook Fan page. ;)

sarahjayne smythe said...

Really excellent list of marketing ideas. I'm impressed and I hope it all works out for you. :)

Tamara Hart Heiner said...

You're right,LMJ, that's something I keep forgetting.I need a facebook fan page, for sure! I plan on my website functioning like that guy's myspace. All sorts of character information, deleted scenes, etc!

Can't wait to see it, DAvid!

Thanks, Sarahjayne! I hope it works out too! LOL

Voidwalker said...

Sounds like you've looked into the marketing side of things and are ready! Go Go Gadget Book Sales!!


arlee bird said...

I think business cards are highly useful. I always carry some because I never know when I'll get into a conversation with somebody where the topic turns to something I am doing. When that happens, and they show interest in knowing more, I can just pop out a business card for their later reference. I make sure my card has enough blank space to write notes on-- I my case I prefer old fashioned 1 sided cards. Although if I had a book or particular product to promote I might go to 2 sided color for a mini-brochure effect. Cards are a must if you are networking at an event.

Icy @ Individual Chic said...

Did you know you could just link this Blogger blog to your new www.tamarahartheiner.com? It will cleverly redirect readers who go to tamara...blogspot.com to the new address.

Go to Dashboard > Settings > Publishing and take a look.


Leslee said...

Great idea's. I have done alot of them as well. Except I don't have the book deal (yet) that you do but I'm still hoping.

Don't forget to utilize the internet: Facebook, Myspace and Youtube they can propell an author in places you haven't imagined yet and everyone is willing to give a little advice out there to help you. Good Luck. Loved the post and thanks for answering my question.

By the way, I was hoping to go to the book conference in April but I have a few conflicts that I'm hoping to workout.If I get to go I'll try and look you up. Thanks Again.

Anonymous said...

Congrats! Great ideas. Local book store signings too??? :O)

SB said...

oh good luck!!! good luck!!! I have my fingers crossed for your girl!

not too serious i hope

Tamara Hart Heiner said...

Whoo-hoo! Voidwalker is my own personal cheerleader!

Lee--I also only ordered 1 side. I do want to have something (at some point) with more information on it. But I think it will be more like a bookmark or even a trifold!

Thanks for the information, Isa! As it is, my website is nothing more than a parked page. Hopefully it will be more soon!

Leslee--glad the information was useful.I hope you get your conflict all worked out so you can come to the conference!

Hi destrella, thanks for stopping by! I've got book signings planned too-but they are after publication!

Thanks,SB! My fingers are perpetually crossed!

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