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Friday, March 26, 2010

Marketing After You Publish

I already blogged about marketing before your book comes out. Here's the second half to that post: marketing after your book comes out.


1) The most obvious: Book Signings. Immediately I thought of bookstores within twenty minutes of my home. Other bookstores I would like to reach include in other counties and in Missouri, Oklahoma, and Texas. And then I'm going to travel all over the US 'visiting' friends--and arranging book signings close to them! I would also like to try the local grocery stores that also sell books.

To prepare for the book signings, have posters and bookmarks with the novel cover on them and get it into the local newspaper. The bookmarks should have author info and a snippet of the book, perhaps with brief excerpt on the back. And advertise everywhere: church, facebook, library, grocery stores.

At the book signing, ask every guest to sign an email list, if they don’t mind. This list will be to notify them about future signings, giveaways, sequels, etc. Have refreshments (like Dove chocolates) and something cheap to give away for every sale (like light-up key chains), as well as being entered into a drawing for every sale for something big (like bath and body gift bag, or gift card to the bookstore the signing's at). Also bring cookies for the bookstore staff.

2) Do an author reading of the first chapter and post it on youtube, etc.

3) Speak at local libraries/schools. Even if they don’t want you to sign books, sell, you can start a platform, speaking about writing, publishing, promoting, etc. And of course leave a bookmark so they all want to read the book/visit the website.

4) Speak at book clubs. Some of the ladies I know at the gym have already said they’d like me to speak at their book club. I don’t know much about selling books out of my car trunk, but I’m sure I’ll learn!

5) Blog tours! Of course! These are great and cheap and I love them. Of course with a book giveaway.

6) Book giveaway for a donation. For example (online): “For a limited time only, this book is yours for the monetary donation of your choice. Your commitment: An online review at Barnesandnoble.com and amazon.com.” I collect email address and info and provide snippets so they want to ‘buy’ the book. I ‘sell’ books, though at a cheaper rate, and hopefully gain new fans. I also get online reviews! Probably easiest to do through paypal.

7) Contact radio stations (local and blogtalk) to arrange interviews.

8) Contact local magazines (most are free) and ask for interviews/reviews in exchange for advertising on your blog/website.

9) Word of mouth. Ask everyone who buys the book to tell ten people about it, if they like it. (But to keep their mouths shut if they don't!)

Happy promoting!

What's worked for you? What hasn't? What do you plan to try?


M. Gray said...

I love the book club discussions. Won't it be so fun to discuss your book? I suppose it could go very well or very wrong, but I'll bet most people who don't like the visiting author's writing would find the parts they like. Not that there will be any issues with yours!! I'd love to hear how many people got creeped out by your stuff!!

Jannie said...

So excited that you are most likely having a girl! We love little girls over here! (but i can relate to you - Andrew says that we're not stopping til we get a boy (I laughed when I read that you were the same way for a girl!) But, we also are planning on having a big family - so the chances are high that we'll eventually get a boy :) Anyways, I am happy for you! I do still have my other blog and it's still going strong:


Love ya! Hope you are feeling okay these days!

Tamara Hart Heiner said...

really, Mary? I just worry when I read blogs like David's and some of their comments. They didn't like the books I did! Scares me!

Talli Roland said...

Great tips! I haven't promoted anything fiction-related yet, but as an alter ego I do have a non-fiction travel book published. I've found Twitter to be really useful for giveaways and spreading the word.

KarenG said...

Rock on, Tamara! You've got it going on! I'm glad you listed *collect emails*-- every author should be constantly building their data base. I was so clueless about that at first. On my tour for Farm Girl, people would say "Let me know when your novel comes out." And I said, "Okay." Smiling like a doofus. Why didn't I write down their contact info? Stupid stupid!

Elisa said...

Columbus is HUGE. Come here for about 20 book signing (Barnes and Nobles, Borders, Grocery Stores, Targets, etc). and atleast 2 book club nights for multiple wards. and maybe we could even have a special thing at church for you to talk about publishing or something. Shoot me an email and we'll figure out the details!

David J. West said...

Tamara-comments on my blog scared you?

Really my only problem was I didn't think those 2 books belonged in that category-they should have been in the YA (that's what its for)

And nothing I have been reading here leads me to think Perilous is gonna be like Wings. I want to read Perilous.

Tamara Hart Heiner said...

Good idea, Talli! I've got to build my Twitter database. Not sure how...

Karen--I laughed out loud at your comment. That's too funny.

Elisa--I will! As soon as I know *when* the book is coming out, I'll be making a plan. Ohio, Massachusetts, you name it, I've got friends and family everywhere! Of course, I'll probably have a little baby along with me...

David--well, you're right, it's definitely not fairy fantasy or anything like that. And I agree, those books are definitely YA. Too bad they got misplaced, it'll hurt their overall score! I sure hope you like Perilous!

Tamara Hart Heiner said...

Hey Jannie! I tried to get to your blog and couldn't. Is it still there?

Mary Aalgaard said...

No book to promote for me, but I do talk about my drama which sparks interest for it, and motivates me to write it, and have it performed.

sarahjayne smythe said...

Great post. And these are all great ideas. I can't wait to be in a postiton to do some of these things to promote my book. :)

arlee bird said...

You cover a lot of ground here and it's all good. I'd add be creative and try venues that might relate to whatever it is you're writing about. There's always tons of street fairs, arts festivals, and other events where crowds will. Find ways to tie your product into something else that you can relate it to. Co-opt promotional exposure with others who will help with expenses or with corporate sponsors who pay all the expenses.

Jemi Fraser said...

I haven't got that far yet - still writing :) - but thanks for the tips for the future!

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