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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Making Halloween Ours

I remember Halloween quite fondly as a child. My mom had two or three boxes of Halloween decorations, and what fun it was to put them out. We had a book of short scary stories, and read one each night of the month of October. Then, of course, Halloween: Digging through the box of costumes, getting them on, running from door to door with out flashlights and mom and dad trailing behind us.

What fun!

Now that I'm a mom with my own young children, we're trying to establish traditions. My oldest, at 5, is fully aware of Halloween. This is the first year that's occurred. My youngest, at 1, won't really know what's going on, but she'll see the candy big brothers are getting, and she'll follow right along.

I don't have a house nicely decorated in Halloween themes. I would like to. So what I've started doing every year is wait until the holiday is over. Then I sneak out and buy decorations at 75% off. What a delight it was to open the Halloween box this year and find new decorations!

We didn't read a scary story a night this year. But for three years, I've taken the kids to a pumpkin patch, and we have carved pumpkins on the Monday before Halloween. This year, we also roasted the seeds, though they didn't turn out that great. Oh well. I have several years to perfect them.

On Monday evening we took the kids Trick-or-Treating. It's slim pickings these days, as it seems most people have forgotten that it's funner to knock on a door than walk around the mall or tap a car trunk. Either that, or they don't realize if the porch light is off, we think it means they don't want trick-or-treaters. But we were out there. Helping the kids get a loot. Then we came home, looked through the candy, and forgot to watch 'scary' movies because we were so tired.

Ah, Halloween! It's so much fun!


Stephanie Faris said...

You guys had a BOX of costumes? What fun! I see all the princess costumes kids have now just for playing around the house and I know I would have loved to have that stuff when I was a kid. I used to tie a blanket around my neck and run around pretending to be Wonder Woman!

Tamara Hart Heiner said...

whoo-hoo! You were living the high life!

LMJ said...

You know, I thought about that when purchasing Emma's next year costume. This year, she's too young. I will wait till Sunday to buy her Halloween costume for next year. She'll be one year old then.

Cami Checketts said...

I hope you have a fabulous Halloween. I can't wait for the chili and donuts!

Tamika: said...

My three year old is ready to go! This will be our first year with both girls, our ten year old is a veteran.

I pray the baby can hang if we run into Dracula!

Tamara Hart Heiner said...

Tamika: Yeah, the magical age of three!

Of course, I told him I was going to be a dead princess, and he said, "But I don't want a dead Mommy" with the wobbly chin and large eyes. Oh! So cute! I had to clear it up for him.

chococatania said...

cute post. :)

I loved all of the Holidays as a kid, and I love them even more as a Mom. It is so much fun to make traditions, decorate the house, and see the kids go crazy with anticipation.

I hope you guys had a fun and happy halloween!

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