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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Why I'm not Upset about Not Finishing Nano

I started out strong. I gave it a good go. And I've gotten 42,000 words written.

It's not over yet. I'll get some more writing in today and see if I can't top that off around 44,000 words.

But I won't get 50,000 written. Even more, over the weekend I realized I wasn't too concerned with it. I couldn't figure out why until I discovered that with this book, I've finished the important stuff.

This book is my non-fiction project about Joplin. So it doesn't need to be finished, and yet now it is 90% completed. So I feel ready to enter the next phase: writing up proposals and polishing my first chapter and querying. This is what I needed to accomplish, and I feel good about that.

Now I can also start my other projects. Like the revisions my editor requested for Altercation, or sending out Christmas cards. They still have to go out, you know.

And there's always next year for Nano. Always more books to write.


Julie Daines said...

I think your Joplin book sounds so interesting. And way to go with the 44K. That's still a lot of words!

Kelley said...

Congrats on 42,000! That is awesome!

JaseR75 said...

Congrats on the 42,000 and counting! I think the Joplin book sounds interesting too. Having been born in MO and living in the OK and AR area I feel a connection with the area. I will be looking forward to reading it in the future!

Elisa said...

yay, way to go on not holding on to stress!

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