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Friday, October 7, 2011

All About Deep Blue Secret

So Deep Blue Secret by Christie Anderson released earlier this month.

Never heard of it? Deep Blue Secret is a young adult romance with elements of science fiction and the paranormal. California teen, Sadie James, thinks her life can't get any better. She has great friends, an energetic mother she adores, and the beach practically in her own backyard. But her carefree life is turned upside down when she’s rescued by a mysterious and strangely familiar boy who won’t even tell her his name.

Each time the boy appears, Sadie’s unexplainable attraction to him deepens along with her need to unravel his secrets. The boy is there to protect her. But as wonderful and exciting as it might be to have an irresistible boy with crystal green eyes protecting her every move, every minute of the day...why does Sadie need one?

To be perfectly honest, I haven't finished the book yet. I would say it's more for the young adult audience than adult audience; I found the romance to be a bit over-the-top so far and the heroine's internal thoughts to be a bit distracting. It's not sucking me in like I like a book to. But that may be because I'm not the target audience. And by all means I intend to finish it. There are too many mysteries going on and I have to know the answers. This book is a clean romance, though, very good for teens.

You can check out the Amazon page here and buy the book or see other reviews. Definitely worth checking out.


Christie D Anderson said...

Hi Tamara! Thanks for featuring my book on your blog. Deep Blue secret is definitely written for the teen audience, but I've had positive feedback from many adults as well. Obviously you can't please everyone, but I hope you enjoy finishing the story!

Tamara Hart Heiner said...

thanks for stopping by, Christie!! I'll post an update after I finish. I will finish it!

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