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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Kids and the Environment

When I was in the fourth grade, my elementary school put on a "Save the Trees" program. Us kids wrote the program, designed it, planned it, and put it on for our parents. I really got into it. One boy's dad made bumper stickers, and I went out to my parents' van, cleaned it off, and put that sticker on. I really cared about recycling and conserving water and all that stuff.

For about a month, anyway.

Years later, in college, I took an Environmental Biology class, and once again became interested in doing something for the environment. There are little steps we can all take every day, and they make big differences.

But once again, when my class ended, so did my enthusiasm.

So what can we do to create that enthusiasm in children, and make it last?

The author Sabbithry Persad just might have the answer.

I was fortunate enough to get a copy of a book in the Garbology series, called Where do Recyclable Materials Go? I read this took to my 5yo and 2yo. It's written in a way to intrigue younger children, while full of factual, fascinating information for older children. This is the sort of tool that can help interest children in the environment, answer their questions, and keep their interest with future books and new adventures/information.

You can find out more about the book at Garbology Kids,  or you can just buy the book from Amazon.

And since this is her fantastic blog tour, Sabbithry is holding a book, tote, and tee giveaway! Click here to enter the contest.

I mean, we all agree our world is important, right? And we want to join in on making it an enduring place. But sometimes it can seem so daunting just to get started. This will help. What a great way to mold the minds of future caretakers of planet Earth.


Sylvia Ney said...

This sounds very interesting. Thank you for the recommendation. I'm stopping by from the A to Z challenge and I look forward to reading more from you.

Misha said...

Our garbage disposal truck actually goes to a recycling plant. So that already makes things easier for people in this part of the world.

Still, I think starting kids small is a great idea.


Cheree said...

Fantastic post. I used to participate in Clean up Australia day every year when I was young, now it's really daunting to know where to start.

Connie Hall said...

Great ideas and good blog.

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