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Monday, February 28, 2011

Learning to Swim

I've got another great book for you that I can 99% guarantee you've never heard of!

It's called Learning to Swim by Sara J. Henry.

Right away, this book sucked me in as the MC witnesses (on page 1) a little boy falling overboard off a ferry. Her instinctive reaction was so heroic and true and right that I couldn't help reading on to see what would happen. She's not a swimmer, and the water is freezing, yet she manages to get to the boy and pull him to shore.

But that's only the beginning of her adventures. She soon finds herself caught up in a kidnapping plot that takes her around Vermont and French Canada and the Adirondacks. This is a mystery all the way. And for me it was extremely fascinating, since the plot and the setting are so reminiscent to my own book, Perilous.

The story starts off with a bang and kind of slows down in the middle, but picks up again toward the end. My only complaint was that, like my own book, there is NO indication that there's going to be a sequel. The book wraps up the plot quite nicely, but not the characters, and that left a big gaping hole in my chest. But I contacted the author, who told me there IS a sequel. I wanted to make all of you aware of that too.

Find the author here. And get the book wherever books are sold!


Jolene Perry said...

I love book recs!
Off to add it to goodreads :)

LeishaMaw said...

It sounds like a great read. Thanks for spotlighting it. :)

Hillary said...

Looks like fun! I'm interested!

M Pax said...

Sounds like an intriguing plot. Thanks for sharing. :)

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