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Monday, February 7, 2011

Five and Alive

Let's do something fun and frivolous today.

It might be horribly cold outside and I'm tired and ever so anxious to get out of the house. But I am also ALIVE and there are things in life that make me very happy. Such as

Sunshine. I miss you.

Babies. I love mine and they are all so precious!!!

Food in General and Pizza Specifically. I can't wait till I'm off my diet.

Long Dresses. They make me feel so sophisticated!

Flowers. I followed my friend Meg's advice and have a lovely live bouquet on my table. Helps make it feel like spring out there!

Share! What are five things that make you feel alive???


banananutmeg said...

fresh flowers can make ALL the difference on a dreary winter day.
Enjoy your day out of the house!

Nisa said...

Oh, I am with you on long dresses. I love them! All of those things are wonderful!

Hillary said...

Fresh Cut Fabric!
Fresh Flowers!
Fresh Bread!
Fresh Clean Faces!
Freshly Made Beds!

So uh for me it's all things fresh and new and clean! Yay!

M Pax said...

Sun. Writing. My kitties. Husband. The observatory.

Fresh flowers are great. I get some every week. Bright and they smell nice.

Annie McMahon said...

What makes me feel alive? Discovering new songs, a long conversation with a good friend, writing a new story, a walk in the woods, and... eating chocolate. :)

Tamara Hart Heiner said...

oo, you all mentioned some awesome things! oh yes clean fresh faces is nice, Hillary! and chocolate, Annie...yum.

Nisa, glad someone else loves long dresses!

and the flowers really do make such a difference. These ones I bought a week ago and they're still going strong.

Aaron and Emily said...

ooo that dress is Gorgeous!

Tamara Hart Heiner said...

em--yeah i wish i owned it!

T. Anne said...

Awe the baby is adorable!!! OK for me, reading a great book, snuggling on a rainy day (we never get those), a happy email, a good review of my work from anybody, chocolate. =)

Tamara Hart Heiner said...

T.Anne--that's my baby girl! Isn't she cute? You never get rain? Sheesh we get tons!

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