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Friday, February 11, 2011

Check Yes or No

Today is National Make New Friends Day.

Cool, huh?

And Indie Debut is launching their new blog devoted to promoting small press authors. Today is a day full of contest and activities. You can find all the fun here.

To top it all off, we're having a friendship contest. So, will you be my friend?

To catch all the other new possible friends you could have, check out Mr. Linky here (and feel free to add yourself to the list)!

I have 28 years of experience, if you count the friendship that started between me and my sister when she was born.

I am qualified to be friends with children, teenagers, moms, single parents, grandmothers, sisters, and a few men, depending on the situation.

My endearing qualities are: Funny, Loyal, Sensitive, Smart

I enjoy reading, writing, cooking, scrapbooking, exercising, and eating.

Interested? I'd love to be your friend!

Whoever gets the most new friends wins a new book! And if you follow Indie Debut, that friendship counts twice. Just tell me how many new friends you make today in the comments!


Darby Karchut said...

What a sweet post! You are the Friendship Champion, Tamara!

Elisa said...

yay, I was your first official friend! Now I feel special... :)

Cami Checketts said...

Love this day! I made a new friend last night at Zumba. I'll try to get out of the house today and make some more.

Tamara Hart Heiner said...

yay for new friends!!

Anonymous said...

Well, I commented on your Feb 9th post, but just went over now and signed up on Linky! (This all confuses my old, weary brain!!) And I went into the Indie site and found your beautiful, smiling face!

Today I'm trying to find new friends. It's a slow process, but rewarding!
Ann Best, Author

Joanna St. James said...

that is so cool hey Princess hows it hanging?

Summer Ross said...

This is awesome! I've been through the people on Mr Linky :) Now to check out the other site.

Kelley Vitollo said...

Very cool idea!

Stephanie Faris said...

Great idea! I came over just to tell you that I started reading your book just this morning on the treadmill. Because of you, I walked about 30 seconds longer than I had to because I was so caught up in the book. Can't wait to see what happens next!

Tamara Hart Heiner said...

Stephanie, that's fantastic news! Glad I made you exercise longer!

Yay for new friends! I can't wait to check out everyone new!

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