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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Hard Copy Away!

So this morning I mailed off my latest draft to my editor. It is the third hard copy I have mailed out to WiDo Publishing. The first was in request to my partial, the second after several revisions, and now this one. I also printed out and mailed three other hard copies to publishing companies at the same time I was querying WiDo.

I'm saving my receipts. Business expenses. I won't have a return this year, that's a guaranteed. But I might on my taxes!

Since signing a contract with WiDo Publishing, this is draft number four. Here are the changes so far:

Draft 1: Changed the opening scene from four girls to two. Took out all backstory.

Draft 2: Added in the detective's and villain's POV.

Draft 3: Slowed down the romance between J and R.

This most recent draft was by far the most extensive. It required me to pretty much delete the romance between J and R while still maintaining some romantic tension. I'm not sure how well I did at that. We'll see.

It then required me to remove R's POV from the manuscript. He only had five scenes, and three of them were easy to do. J was present, so I was able to show the scene from her POV. J was not privy to the other two scenes, however. So they got cut. Completely. Again, I tried to make sure any pertinent information got talked about or discussed, but we'll have to see if there's anything I left out.

Back to work on my sequel rough draft. I need to set goals again.

Oh, and I've had two new story ideas in the past week. Exciting. Wish I had more time to write.

Sequel revisions:
today's goal: 50/157
actual: 60/160
tomorrow's goal: page 70/160


Karen Jones Gowen said...

you should send media mail with tracking, it is way cheaper. $35 to send a ms. is insane.

Sara ♥ said...

good luck!!

PS about taxes... are you a full time writer? I just became one (aka quit my job in the summer) but have no idea how to file taxes... or apparently I need a tax ID number or something? *sigh* guess I should contact our tax guy...

Tamika: said...

Wow! My mind is whirling with all you have managed to accomplish. The revisions sound extensive, but I'm sure the polish will be worth it.

Happy writing!

Tamara Hart Heiner said...

Karen--oh, believe me, I mail it the cheapest way possible! It's only $10 to mail. But the manuscript is almost 400 pages. that's a ream of paper and 1 1/2 ink cartridges. I could get a cheaper printer...actually I might be able to mess with the settings and get a cheaper ink setting. I'll look into that.

Sara--full time writer? Well, no...but I'd like to be! LOL. I have a tax ID b/c I have another business and I think I was just going to mesh them together when I file taxes. I don't really know that much. I don't think I need two tax ID numbers. Contacting a tax person might be a good idea...for both of us. LOL.

Tamika--I think the revisions are coming along well. The result is that a story I thought I could wrap up in two books now needs at least three. Maybe even more.

Karen Jones Gowen said...

What other business would attract so many people willing to invest thousands of hours of unpaid time in the hope of attracting a publisher, some even investing thousands of dollars to pay for publishing, and then invest even more unpaid time and money in the form of paper, toner, postage, etc. in giving the publisher what they want, with the hope that when it's all done, the finished product is something people will pay for.

We writers have got to be the craziest people on earth. No wonder parents and/or spouses will look askance and say, "Uh, do you have any other plans for making a living?"

JennyMac said...

So happy for you and all that is happening. And that you are still brimming with story ideas.

Fabulous new profile pic too.

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