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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Blog Tours: Are they worth it?

I have NOT finished tallying things up from my blog tour in March... sorry, folks, I'm just really behind like that.

I'm also 40 weeks pregnant and wondering if I'm ever going to deliver or if I'll carry this watermelon around forever. But that's a story for someone else to write.

But while I get things documented from my blog tour, I wanted to share my personal results with people. When I launched Inevitable in February, I decided not to do a blog tour. I felt like I'd just done one with Altercation (though in reality, that one took place in July of 2012... so only in my head was it recent). I didn't want to overwhelm people or confuse people, so I opted not to do a blog tour. I had a few people post promo info on their blogs, did a Facebook launch party which went really well, and left it at that.

By the middle of February, I knew I had to do something more. People won't buy a book they've never heard of.

So I organized what I considered a quickie blog tour. Instead of my usual twenty people, I invited about ten to participate. I didn't require them to review the book, though I did send out review copies. I made up an html blog post and sent that to them so all they had to do was copy and paste. I tried to make it as easy as possible.

Even with that small amount of effort I put into it, the results were immediately obvious. Every single person who commented on a blog post was one more person who now knew about my book. My book was added to more than 500 people's "to read" list on Goodreads. A few more reviews were posted on both Goodreads and Amazon. (I could always use more!)
And while sales didn't go up astronomically, they did go up.

End result: A blog tour is not only worth it, but necessary. Next time I might try to recruit 50 people. The more, the merrier.

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