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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Squatter in my Attic

There's a squatter in our attic.

Luckily it's not of the weapon-bearing, trench-coat variety. It's more of the wood-pecking, nesting variety. Because apparently when we bought this grand wood house, we also bought all the tenants. Including this sweet little guy.
The upside is he (she?) isn't waking us up in the morning with her pecking anymore. I don't look out the window and watch as she pulls pieces of insulation from the hole she bore in our siding. The downside is, there is a cooing, chirping, fluttering nest of little woodpeckers in our attic now.

I have to admit they sound so cute. And I'm not opposed to the idea of having them. It's just... well, obviously they can't stay in our attic.

So I bought them a birdhouse. Sure, they'll be downsizing. But I've hired someone to put the birdhouse up next to the hole in the siding and move them into the house. And then we'll be filling in the hole. Hopefully, they won't notice a difference and will be content in their new house.


Now I've got to do something proactive before the woodpeckers on the east and west side of the house manage to get inside as well...

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Emily Larkin said...

yeah, if you want to know about woodpeckers come over and visit my house, I'll give you the horror story. Good Luck!

Matt Walker said...

You’re right, they are very cute, but I’m glad I haven’t got them in my attic. Hope their relocation goes well.

Tales From The Fields

Summer Ross said...

Woodpeckers- wow. It's good she's not keeping you up but not so good to have babies up there. LOL
Have a great day!

Meg said...

Oh no! They're reproducing?! More holes!

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