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Monday, February 25, 2013

What to do in Vegas (if you don't gamble, drink, and are 8 months pregnant)


Walk around and look at all the beautiful, expensive shops.

Eat some more.                                                                                                 Walk around and admire the ostentatious architecture.

Eat again.

Go swimming.

Have a snack.

Marvel at the man at the slot machine who lost $20 in five minutes.

Get a smoothie.

See lots of shows.

Try another outrageously expensive restaurant.

Take a nap.

 Buy over-priced gelato.    
Get a photograph with your child's favorite movie character.

Get in one last buffet before the vacation is over.

1 comment:

Librarian said...

Hmmm... somehow, the guy in the first picture eating a Hamburger does not look very pregnant ;-)

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