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Friday, February 1, 2013

The Party Begins!

It's started! I'll be doing random giveaways and trivia throughout the day via the online launch party.

The first one is up now! The first ten people to IM me via Facebook get a free ecopy of Inevitable!

Event #3! This is for the writers out there! I will do a 3-chapter in-depth critique/copy edit for one person! All you have to do to enter: Leave a comment with one line from your WIP!
Event #4: a repeat of #2! It requires a little more leg work but there is a $15 Amazon gift card at stake! Pick your favorite line from ALTERCATION and IM it to me. If you don't own the book, use Amazon's sample or online First Look to pick a line. Don't post in the comments!

One person will win the card!

Starts at 8pm CST and runs until midnight! Last event of the day!
 Launch is over! Winners announced soon!

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