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Monday, October 1, 2012

Taking away from a Writers Conference

So a few weekends ago was the very first, very awesome Midwest LDStorymakers Conference. Having been out to Utah twice for this conference, I was ecstatic when I heard they planned a trial run of a conference closer to my house. In Kansas! Only three hours away!

Of course I had to go. These conferences are phenomenal. The speakers always have wonderful insight and lots of humor. The feeling is one of encouragement and inspiration. The Midwest conference was no exception. Being in its first year, it was very small. But actually, that was quite helpful. Other than the presenters, I didn't know the attendees. I didn't feel overwhelmed by all the new faces. Rather, I was able to meet new people and interact with most everyone.

But the very best part was how I felt while I was there. I felt inspired to write more. I felt encouraged to keep going. I felt surrounded by kindred spirits who often battle the same discouragement that I do, and yet are unable to stop writing.

There must be something behind this passion that makes us continue even when nobody is telling us how awesome we are, or patting us on the back and saying good job. In fact, sometimes it's in the very face of opposition and jeers and snide remarks that we bolster up our courage, boot up our computer, and trot out that next chapter!

Whether this is a curse or a blessing, I'm not alone. There's no better place than a writer's conference to show me that scattered around me are other people who share my crazy obsession. It's a wonderful feeling, and I can hardly wait for my next conference.


Justine Dell said...

I've never been to a writing conference, but I've always wanted to go. Then again, I'd probably be some odd wallflower. ;-)


Mary Gray said...

Someday. Someday...

John Waverly said...

Tamara - It was great to see you at the conference. I had a great time too.

Justine - It sounds like you'd fit right in.

Tamara Heiner said...

It's such a wonderful thing! Justine, you've got to go. Mary! Miss you! Great to see you too John. :)

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