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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Reluctant Readers in Your Classroom?

Not saying my book is the answer but... it might be!

I got this awesome feedback today from a teacher in Illinois. (Warning! There are spoilers in here!)

I have both of your books in my class room and I can't keep them on the shelf. Every Wednesday we have reading day. I asked this particular class to write ten analysis statements about what they read. The idea is to get them to look at it from a writing pov instead of just recalling what happened. While this particular student didn't follow that, I think his responses to this book are wonderful! I included all the wonderful mechanical errors for you. Smile
1) Oh my God its getting hella intense
2) first what happened Sara is adopted her real name is Abigail Collins
3) the twins names are Ricky and Neal Collins
4) the Grandma never got custody of Abigail therefore her getting adopted by Sara's parents
5) Sara also got raped i think
6)the reason I think that is cuse she is beign soft and back in Canada she wasn't seen for a whole day.
7) Another reason I think she was raped because she is PREGNANT!!!!
8) I'm finishing the book this weekend.
9) I want to read the next one. Mama J you better reserve the next one for me!!
10) All I have to say is oh my GOD!!!!
He REFUSED to read before this class, and this is the first book he has read since elementary school. 
Kudos, Tamara! Thank you for your books. 

Seriously. This is why we write, isn't it? I can be a happy person today. 
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