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Monday, May 14, 2012

Remembering Callie

SPOILER ALERT: If you haven't read Perilous, this scene has spoilers!

In this scene, right after the girls meet Ricky and Neal, Jaci has a quiet moment where she reflects on what they've been through since the kidnapping. It's a scene that explores Jaci's feelings, and while it may not be action-packed or exciting, I was sad to see it go.

 Two hours later the city was behind them and the forest engulfed them once again. The boys didn’t say much as Jaci and Amanda told them their story.
Of course they didn’t mention anything that had happened to Sara. That was Sara’s business, if she wanted anyone to know.
And Callie. They’d left out Callie.
As everyone settled down for the night, Jaci crept over to a grove of trees. The moonlight barely illuminated a smooth patch of ground and a rock, perfect for sitting. She stared at the broken skyline above the trees, feeling very alone. She’d never been able to communicate her feelings with Amanda, and lately Sara was too absorbed with her own issues to notice Jaci’s. Not that Jaci blamed her…but it was strange to be in constant company of her friends and feel so isolated.
How she missed Callie. Her dear friend, her best friend. Always ready with a listening ear, comforting words, even indignation when necessary. 
She could hear Sara and the twins laughing. Sara hadn’t laughed in weeks. She rubbed her temples and tried to pray, but too many thoughts ran through her mind. Jaci lay down in the dirt, trying to get comfortable. A tree root dug into her shoulder blade and she scooted sideways. She pretended to be asleep when Sara approached. Sara lay down without a word and soon her breathing was soft and heavy. Jaci wished she could join her.

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