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Monday, May 7, 2012

Gel Nails

Manicures are fun, but I've always kind of thought they were a waste of money. You spend thirty minutes hanging out, doing nails, pay $25 (or more), and BAM, on the way out the door, you smudge something.

Never fails.

So while I've considered them fun, I've never done them regularly.

But I might start.

For my birthday the first week of March, my husband paid for me to go to the salon and get manicure. But he also paid for the "Gel Nails." At first I thought this was some kind of acrylic, and I was like, no way. But then I got there, and they showed me. It's nail polish. But it's a special kind of nail polish that literally hardens on your nail like a shell, and it doesn't come off. (Not for me, anyway. My mom and BF had a different lady for theirs, and she didn't seal it right.)

Six weeks later, I'm trimming my nails because I figure it's finally time to get this nail polish off. IT HASN'T COME OFF.

I'm sold. I'll pay $28 bucks for a manicure that lasts that long!


Annie McMahon said...

I never use nail polish. Haha!! I'm plain like that. My plain nails are drumming the desk now, waiting for your sequel to come out. Has it been relased yet? *sigh* I have to wait another month? *groan* Okay, I'll be patient.

Meg said...

darcie had a gel manicure awhile ago and hers looked great forever, too! Amazing!

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