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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

How to Write a Non-fiction Proposal

I have started querying my narrative non-fiction about the Joplin tornado. At first I had the hardest time thinking "book" instead of "novel," since I'm usually a novelist. But even worse was tackling the proposal. I seriously had no idea where to start.

It's been a learning process. Most people never think about writing non-fiction, but in case you need it, here's a break down of a non-fiction proposal (this could vary from agent to agent, so if they have "suggestions" for your proposal, be sure to follow them!):



Chapter Outline


Comparative Works

Sample chapter

The baby just woke up and my internet time for today has expired. But I'll expound more on these categories later!

1 comment:

Mary Gray said...

You've started querying your nonfiction work!! That's crazy! I don't know that I'll ever write nonfiction in my life! You go girl.

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