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Monday, August 13, 2012

Courtesy Notice about Facebook

Did you know there's an "other" folder beneath your message folder?

Yesterday I got a response from someone I contacted nearly a year ago about my Joplin project. She said she just found my message in her "other" folder.  After responding to her, I decided to explore a little bit. And guess what? I have an "other" folder as well. And it had messages more than a year old in it!

Now I'm convinced people aren't ignoring me. They just don't know there's an "other" folder.

Anything exciting in your "other" folder? If we spread the word, maybe I'll hear back from some of those people!


Meg said...

I don't have an "other" folder...people really ARE ignoring me! ;) hahaha!

Anonymous said...

I've never noticed before, good to know! Thankfully mine is empty. Does seem like facebook always has a few quirks like this that make you wonder if you're friends are ignoring you. But no, it's usually just a random thing. Thanks for the share!

Kate said...

Thanks for this info, Tamara. I had messages in an other folder I didn't know about.

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