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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

DEW time!!!

Warning: If you never have an issue finding time out of your day to write, this post won't apply to you at all. Feel free to move on.

So you know the drill. Either you're a mom or you work full-time or you're in school all day. But finding time to write gets harder and harder until you begin to wonder if you're even a writer anymore. By the time the kids are in bed and the house is cleaned, you're too tired to think. And during the day, the stinky dishes and the sticky candy on the carpet demand that you care for them before you sit at the computer. Not to mention all the things you should do--like read to your kids, take them outside for a walk, write in your journal, dust (dust?? what the heck is that?)...

The list goes on and on. And it often feels like, before you can tackle what you want, you must tackle the NEEDS.

Well, guilt no more. While lamenting over our serious lack of writing time, my friend and I came up with a simple solution: DEW. Drop Everything and Write.

In grade school, we had DEAR time: Drop Everything And Read. It was the time when we, well, did just that. So now, at 1:30pm CST, for half an hour each day, right after I've put my youngest down for a nap, we write. She does it at her house and I do it at mine, but we text each other and check in to make sure we're doing it. It gives us accountability, but it's also something we can do. I can achieve this. I don't feel bad about neglecting anything I should be doing because it's only HALF AN HOUR.

During this time, I turn off my internet and my phone. No distractions. And it's amazing what I can get done in half an hour.

I'm creating a twitter hashtag for this. #DEW, obviously, and we might end up attracting a bunch of Mountain Dew fans, but maybe they'll find they like writing also. Won't you join us?

What do you do to find time to write? How do you get it in?
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