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Monday, July 18, 2011

Did you know about Hastings?

For those of you small-press, independent authors who have had a hard time getting Barnes and Noble to open your book, here's a word for you:


Last weekend I had the totally fun experience of going on a book tour with three other authors. We started in Dallas and worked our way through Oklahoma back into Arkansas. One of our stops was at Hastings. And I learned a lot.

If you are lucky enough to live near a Hastings and you are an author, GO TALK TO THEM. The manager was so super friendly. They love local authors, and they will, in their own words, "Stock your book even if it's hand-bound and you only have five copies."

They also make up a nice poster for you and put it out all month before you signing. They make up flyers and stick them in customers bags so everyone know about your signing. They plan your signing around an anticipated release so you can take advantage of the crowd.

And they'll take your book and sale it for you, even when you are not doing a book signing. Is that not awesome?

Of course, they expect compensation. They take the biggest cut of any bookstore I've signed at, but hey, so what? My book's there. It's selling. That's awesome.

I have a new favorite chain. Go Hastings.

Don't know if there's one near you? That's easy. Use their website here.

What chains have you had success at that surprised you?? Give me details!


Kelley @ Between the Bookends said...

Thanks for the info. Someday I hope to go on a book tour. Sounds awesome.

Until then, I'm just starting on my journey with a blog and a first draft manuscript.

Thanks so much for the advice on your blog. And congrats on the book tour!

Britney Jean said...

Thanks for the info! I might need it some day.

KarenG said...

The one that surprised me was our local Borders. They take (or should that be past tense, sigh) the traditional cut of 40%, paid cash for books and then put them on the shelves. A simple phone call to ask if they needed more books, and we'd get a yes or a no, still have a few. They would set up launch parties/signings, and if a lot of books sold at the launch, they would order a lot more. There were never any returns. If all bookstores were like this, things would be SO much easier for the small publishers and their authors!!! I am going to miss Borders *shedding a tear*

Tamara Hart Heiner said...

yes, it's unfortunate about Borders. Makes me so angry.

At least now you have a second recourse.

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