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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Blogger's Cool Stats

Blogger has really come up in the world. Probably the rest of you already knew this, but I just noticed that at the top of screen where you make a new post, there's a new tab. This tab says 'Stats.'

If you haven't already explored this tab, let me share with you some of the neat things it has:

In the posts, I can see which pages of mine get the most hits. I can see the stats for today, for one week, for a month. This is quite funny. Guess which page of mine is the most popular? This one. Because I posted a picture of the haircut I wanted, and apparently when people Google haircuts, it gets pulled up. Total view on that page so far? 3,011. Random, huh? Today, 27 people have looked at that page.

Maybe I should drive traffic to my blog by posting more hair styling pictures.

Traffic sources is also cool. It tells me what site people were on before they linked over to mine. Today I owe Talli Roland for sending over 4 viewers. I can see that over the past month, Twitter has sent more than 20 people to my blog. My website is also doing a good job for me, having sent over almost 50 people. Very very interesting.

And finally, the audience one. Where are these people from? What countries are reading my blog? (DL, you might find this helpful. Now you can track down the people from different countries on your blog.) Today, I've had 21 people from Moldova (??? where???), 5 from Portugal (seja bemvindo!), 1 from Israel, and 68 from the US. I have an audience. Quite an extensive one. Of course, they are probably all trying to figure out what hair cut to get next, but still...

Anyway, I just thought that was really really cool. So look at your stats! Which page of yours gets the most visits? Share the link and we can all check it out!

And for the blog tour: Today we have the lovely Guinevere talking about my book, as well as a $10 contest! Check it out here! And for Thursday we have one of my dear friends, Mary Gray! For the rest of the tour and information on my giveaways, click the tab at the top of the blog!


Joanna St. James said...

Ha ha I love the stats tools I've had a lot of Moldova and the phillipines too last week it was South Korea. I once posted a picture of Alexander Skarsgard as who my character would look like in september and since then, his fans have not stopped looking for him on my blog.

Tamara Hart Heiner said...

ha ha! that's funny!

Jen Daiker said...

I noticed the stats button recently! I've been around only a year and watching it grow is amazing!

MaDonna Maurer said...

I've never noticed this tab...thanks for the fun I've had looking at it.

Tamara Hart Heiner said...

oh come on, you guys, no one's posting a link to their most looked at page! I want to see!

Arlee Bird said...

I haven't been paying much attention to my stats lately. And since I changed my template the stats aren't showing up though Analytics indicates that they're working. Guess I need to take some time and put in the code again or something. It is interesting to see what's popular and where the hits come from, etc.

Tossing It Out

Annie McMahon said...

Oh, wow! I never knew I had so many blog visitors from France! I speak French, but none of my posts are in French. LOL

Thanks for pointing out that cool feature! I never noticed it before. Very interesting.

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