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Where to Buy

People are asking  me this all the time. And it's a good question. Where's my book? Have you seen it? Probably not. There are only two bookstores that I know of that have it in stock. (If you see it somewhere, by all means, let me know!!!)

So how can you buy it? Let me break it down for you.

1) In ANY bookstore. Just because it's not in stock (on the shelves) doesn't  mean you can't buy it. You can walk in and ask them to order it for you. Most bookstores are more than willing to do this, and you don't pay until the book comes in. Pros: This brings my book to their attention. If they get enough orders, maybe they'll stock it. Cons: You have to wait for the book to arrive.

Some bookstores that I KNOW have Perilous:

Hastings (everywhere!)

Nightbird Books
Beehive Mercantile
Fayetteville Hastings
Springdale Hastings

Duncan Hastings

The Purple Cow

2) On Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble.com. Of course. And they often give free shipping and handling if you buy enough things. Pros: The more sales I make through Amazon and B&N, the higher my rank goes, bringing me to the attention of other people that might not have seen my book otherwise. Cons: They REALLY rip off authors and publishers.

3) Through my website. I don't have a discounted price, but I do offer free shipping and handling. Pros: I'll sign it for you! Cons: These sales don't show up on bookscan.

4) At a book signing. You never know when I'll have one near you. And a crowd always draws a crowd. Pros: You get to meet me, take pictures, and I'll sign your book. Cons: You might have to wait awhile.

5) Don't forget the E-book! It's an easy download on the sidebar! Pros: It's cheap and you get it RIGHT NOW. Cons: It's not as fun to flip the pages.

But in the end, whichever avenue you choose makes me happy. It's always a win-win for me.
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