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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Food Blog Coming Up!

I got another encouraging response from an agent today in regards to my cookbook. He said it is a good idea but that I have no credibility as a food writer. (I guess all my reviews on tripadvisor don't count ha ha.)

Since I have no intentions of joining a restaurant or imploring the Food Network to sign me up, I asked him what I could do to change that. He very kindly and enthusiastically suggested I start a food blog. His idea was a Brazilian food blog, since the cookbook is Brazilian, but I thought, I can do better than that.

If you're on this blog, you know I'm a writer. Everyone knows I'm a writer. But what you may not know is that I am an avid cook. I'm very particular as a cook; I very rarely make the same thing twice because I find something so incredibly exciting and fulfilling in making new things.

And making a food blog would be rather easy for me. Every Sunday I prepare my exciting weekly menu, and I take pictures of my food (failures included) almost every day.

The hard part, as the kind agent reminded me, will be getting followers. He didn't give me an exact number, but I'm betting I'd need at least a thousand before anyone would notice me or consider me an authority on food.

So watch for it. Soon I will have a new blog up to go along with this one. It's going to need a name. Any suggestions? If I pick your suggestion, I'll send you an free ecopy of The Extraordinarily Ordinary Life of Cassandra Jones Episode 1, releasing on May 17!

pictured: Blood-orange tart


Elisa Allan said...

getting followers is definitely daunting. Do you know how many followers you have for this blog? Do you have an Instagram and Pinterest presence? Those will help create a following too.

I'd pick something that highlights your cooking style. Maybe tying in the rustic or quality ingredients like "Honestly Delicious". Or you could go for more of a blog posting style. Maybe emphasizing your recipe-a-day thing like "365 Delicious Days" or your exploration of cultural food like "Tasting the World". So fun! Best of luck!

I'm really excited to see your recipes! I love your food pictures!
And I'd LOVE to hear what you find works to garner followers!

chococatania said...

Just lurking today, but have you thought of doing a podcast? Food blogs are good, too, but there are so many. I keep thinking about entering into the podcasting world. I LOVE listening to podcasts, and I think that it would be easier to enter into that market (as it isn't quite as saturated) as some of the other ones.

Anyway - just an idea. Make a food podcast. Perhaps you could even make it like the book you want to make - part memoir, part instructional, and all food. I know I'd listen..

good luck!

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