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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Preteens and Perilous

When I wrote Perilous, I was definitely aiming at the young adult crowd, ages 14-18. As time went on, we widened that crowd to include the new adult group, and even some more adventurous, young-at-heart adults. For the most part, we've been successful at satisfying this audience.

What I didn't expect was to catch the preteen crowd.

Perilous is a thriller and has some subject matter in it that is a bit mature. It's nothing over the top or graphic, and since I was a preteen when I conceived the novel, it's not unimaginable to think that other preteens would enjoy it. I guess I just thought they would be too frightened to give it a chance or something.

Turns out it's right up their alley.

Two weeks ago I gave a presentation at the local public library. One twelve-year-old girl was there, enthusiastically talking about her favorite parts in the novel, anxiously asking for information about the sequel. She loved the book. Another 13-year-old in California gobbled my book up. I've had several local preteens tell me that their moms came in at night and took the book from them because they weren't going to bed.

That is such an awesome response.

And not from a preteen, but a new adult, I got this email yesterday from someone who saw me mention my book on a friend's facebook page (go facebook!):  "I ended up buying the kindle version of Perilous, and read it all. Haha. I've usually just stuck with mostly fantasy books in the past, but, I think you've opened up a new genre for me! :) I really enjoyed it. Proof being it's finals week at BYU and I took the time to finish it. I'm excited for the next book!"

Trying to launch a writing career is hard. At times is discouraging and I'd rather just eat cookies. But then I get responses like this. I'll go a month with nothing, and then several in a day. Like yesterday. And it reminds me that my goal isn't to reach everyone, but to reach some people.

Not that reaching everyone wouldn't be nice...but that will have to wait a few years.

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Mary Aalgaard said...

Congrats on those moments of success. What a great feeling it must be to know that someone "gobbled up" your words. P - what a great day for you!!! I wish I'd mentioned it on my blog. I have your book, but have not, yet, read it....soon. After the blog challenge. I'm just reading blogs these days.

Unknown said...

That is so exciting. Glad to hear so many people are enjoying your book. I read your book and really liked it. I gave your book a mention the other day when I was talking about books for the Kindle that don't cost $10.99.
I liked one of the locations you wrote about in the book because it was near where my mom grew up.

Unknown said...

That's great, Tamara. It's really great to hear people are enjoying your book. I thought it was fantastic.

Tamara Hart Heiner said...

You guys are awesome! thanks for liking my book and mentioning it!

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