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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Fair Finds

There are SO MANY books out there. So many I want to read, and so many I've never even heard of. Every time I'm at the library, I check out more than I can possibly read before my time is up. (My apologies, Bella Vista Library. Yes, I still have those books.)

At writer's conferences, I buy huge amounts of books. Not only to support my fellow authors, but to see what they've written!

I've been lucky at bookstores moving locations or going out of business to score massive amounts of books for mere dollars each.

And of course, every time I see a good deal on Amazon, I load up my Kindle.

Occasionally someone will recommend a book to me, and it will get added to my "I'm interested" list. But it usually takes several recommendations before the book actually ends up in my possession.

Well, I have two purposes to this blog post: First, to introduce you to a great book that fell into my possession, and second, to give you the first recommendation you need to purchase this book.

The book is Fairchild by Jaima Fixsen.

This is one of those books that I started out completely not knowing what to expect. Well, here's what I got: A Jane Austen-esque book with vibrant, vivid writing, multi-faceted characters, intriguing plot, and a realistic resolution.

Written in the style of  Regency novels, so many of today's conventions don't apply to the book. From the very beginning I was hooked. It's a story to feast upon and enjoy the plot while relishing the fine writing. 

Very, very rarely does a debut novel impress me so much. I'd rather not give away much of the plot, but it is, of course, a historical romance. Lovers without a hope must find a way to ignore conventions and be together while still finding an honorable place in society. 

If you like this genre, you will like the book. Get it and see.

Still not convinced? I'll give away one Kindle copy of the book to one lucky commenter. Give away runs through Friday, March 29, so comment away! And those comments DO double count toward this give away and the one I'm doing for my book launch!

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Getting Updates

Did you know I have a newsletter?

The sign up is right there on the right-hand sidebar over there. The reason I mention it is, all the time I get emails from people asking where I'm going to be doing a book signing next, or what I'm working on, or how they can find out when my next book comes out.

There are two ways: Constantly stalk me on Facebook and Blogger, or sign up for my newsletter.

My newsletter goes out about three times a year, whenever something exciting like a book release or book contract happens. I mean, really. How many exciting things do you think I have to talk about?

But here's the thing, folks. If you don't want my newsletter, DON'T SIGN UP FOR IT. Because I can track how many people open that email. I can even track WHO opens (or doesn't open) that email. And it makes me really sad to make this beautiful newsletter with earth-shattering news (to me, anyway), send it out and... only 47% open it.

I just tell myself it's not me, it's everyone's spam box. Right???

In the meantime, my book launch/blog tour continues in full force! Show some love to these blogs to get more chances for prizes: Jennifer Shirk, Marsha Ward, Shannon O'Donnell, Christy Dorrity.

Thanks everyone for your continued support! Keep adding up your sharing points for a chance to win that $50 Amazon gift card!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Squatter in my Attic

There's a squatter in our attic.

Luckily it's not of the weapon-bearing, trench-coat variety. It's more of the wood-pecking, nesting variety. Because apparently when we bought this grand wood house, we also bought all the tenants. Including this sweet little guy.
The upside is he (she?) isn't waking us up in the morning with her pecking anymore. I don't look out the window and watch as she pulls pieces of insulation from the hole she bore in our siding. The downside is, there is a cooing, chirping, fluttering nest of little woodpeckers in our attic now.

I have to admit they sound so cute. And I'm not opposed to the idea of having them. It's just... well, obviously they can't stay in our attic.

So I bought them a birdhouse. Sure, they'll be downsizing. But I've hired someone to put the birdhouse up next to the hole in the siding and move them into the house. And then we'll be filling in the hole. Hopefully, they won't notice a difference and will be content in their new house.


Now I've got to do something proactive before the woodpeckers on the east and west side of the house manage to get inside as well...

For a chance to win more free ebooks, check out SA Larsen's blogpost from yesterday and leave a comment!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Highly anticipated book released!

Well, for some of you, anyway, it's been highly anticipated!

For others of you, you're probably going, "Wait, she had another book come out?" (That's was my mother-in-law's response last night. Apparently I haven't talked it up enough!)

But, yes, Inevitable is out! You can get the paperback online here for only $13.95!

Pretty exciting, right? At least I think so. I've held the book in my hands and it's... it's "well cool," as Aaron would say. (Sorry, you'll have to read the book to get it!)

My book launch giveaway is still going on! Get your share of the prizes here!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Sleep Like a Baby

Who coined this term, anyway?

Do they even know what babies sleep like?

We're one month out from delivering our fourth child, and I'm fully remembering what babies sleep like. Like every half hour needing food... or not sleeping at all.

I remember bringing home my first child, with him all wrapped up in blankets like a little burrito. We laid him in his cradle and smiled at him while he looked up at us, sucking on his pacifier. Then we turned out the light and climbed into bed. Why? Because we actually thought we'd sleep? Well, yeah... no one ever told us otherwise!

All night long. I was up ALL NIGHT LONG caring for that newborn infant who suddenly must've realized he wasn't swimming in his body-temperature little bubble anymore.

At least by my second, I was prepared for it. I set out movies and my laptop and books and made a fun night of it.

The worst is when people ask, "Is the baby sleeping through the night?" Um, hello? Have you ever been around a three-week old baby? Or they ask, "How's the baby sleeping?" Well... like a baby. Duh.

Maybe they meant to say, "Sleep like a toddler." But no. My toddler spends most nights climbing into bed with us and singing to herself while she counts her fingers.

It really should be, "Sleep like a tired mother." I can tell you all about that. And how well my 4-year-old babysits above-mentioned toddler when I'm sleeping. (Very, very well.)

Sleepless nights, here I come.

Don't forget to comment for a chance to enter my Inevitable giveaway! (For more ways to enter, click here!)

Friday, March 1, 2013

Inevitable Delays

It's inevitable, right? Books don't make their first release date...

So Inevitable has been pushed back by one week for the paperback release. We're now very excited to have the book come out on March 8!!!

Until the book comes out, the ebook is FREE. I wanted to make it free on all venues, but Amazon and Barnes and Noble won't accept it as free UNLESS they are price matching. SO, you can get it free here: Smashwords or Kobo. Or you can try to price-match it on Amazon.com.

Whatever you do, you can't lose! I want to give away as many as I can so spread the word to your friends!

I'll post information about the blog tour soon!
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