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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Christmas in Times Square and 40% off select paperbacks!

I'm not a city girl.

At all. So when my husband suggested we go to New York for our anniversary, I was like, "If you want." Not to mention our anniversary is in December, which means snow, right?
Well, we got really lucky, and the weather in New York was unseasonably warm, even warmer than Arkansas. And while I've been to New York before, I've never been during Christmas. If you're ever going to go--I highly recommend this time of year.
I wish I could pass along the magic we felt walking down Time Square at midnight, thousands of people around us, Christmas trees and displays lighting the streets, and beautiful Christmas songs blasting through the air.
It was beautiful, and I came to appreciate how, even as different as a New Yorker is to a country girl like me, we have so much more in common. I came away feeling more connected to a culture that's so foreign it's almost like visiting a different country. 
The Statue of Liberty

Grand Central Terminal
Lights on Time Square

Enjoying a wonderful chocolate dessert

40% off Paperback books

While ebooks are all the rage, sometimes we just want to hold a book. And for gift-giving, there's nothing like having a physical object. Just for you, I'm offering a coupon for 40% off select paperbacks. This coupon is not valid on Amazon.com but only through the link provided in this email. Click the book title to see it online!
coupon code: YYVZ6ZSD
Expires Dec. 31, 2016

Romance short story

People have been telling me to do it for years. I've hemmed and hawed and changed the subject.
But I'm finally writing a romance. With no serial killers.
Granted, it's a short story, I'm doing it with friends, and I've only written a page so far. But I'm DOING IT. Hopefully I'll have it completely drafted by the end of this month. I'll keep you posted.
Any exciting Christmas plans? What places have you visited that really impacted you? Where do you want to visit?
Thanks for reading!
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