Status: Drafting the fourth book in the PERILOUS series!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013


I am actually on my computer blogging. Blogging from my computer. Folks, this is monumental. Don't expect it to last. I woke up late for a class today and had a spastic adrenaline rush that's carrying me right now. I'm sure I'll crash in about half an hour.

But there's been something on my mind for about two months (the amount of time I've been unable to write, thanks to the sweet time-consuming new addition in our household). And that's about prioritizing my author time.

I'm not talking about prioritizing between marketing and writing (though that's a great topic for another day). I'm talking about prioritizing my writing.

I have a fantastic idea for a new book series I want to write. And another idea for a book trilogy that I think would be awesome. I actually sat down and started to outline this series.

Then someone mentioned my books that are currently published and how they are hoping for more installments. And I realized, "This boat is sailing. If I want on it, I need to do it now."

People are reading my published books, and they want more. They're involved with the characters, wrapped up in their lives, and are eager to gobble up more adventures with them. If I don't capitalize on this, I miss out. I lose interest and readers. So what I really need to do is write more books for my current publications before I move on to the other shiny, beautiful projects.

With that in mind, here's what you can expect from me in the future:
A novella from the Point of View of my antagonist from Perilous (very very soon)
A third book involving the characters from Perilous
Several more books about Jayne and her crazy lemon smell

I wish I could give you a better timeline but... you know.

Are your priorities straight? What are you working on?
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