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Thursday, October 15, 2015

The last episode of Walker Wildcats Year 1 is out!

Huge Book Sale!

Bookmarked Bargains is having a huge 5-day sale! With over 30 different authors and about as many books, there's something for everyone! The sale goes on through Friday! There's also an awesome party pack being given away with $175 worth of free merchandise! Click here to see what different books are available!

Episode 6: Reaching Higher

The last episode of Year 1 is here! The book releases on Thursday, October 15! It's available for order now through this link and goes free on Friday, October 16! The great thing about this series is you can start anywhere!
Walker Wildcats Year 1 Episode 6: Reaching Higher

As Cassandra's first school year in Arkansas draws to a close, she feels pretty confident with how far she's come. She's made new friends, excelled in school, and joined a band. But when her teacher challenges her to push herself in a friendly competition, Cassie realizes she has a long way to go if she's going to be at the top of the class.
Thanks for reading! Lots of fun things going on! Just wait!
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