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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

All Around the World

Announcing the blog tour for ALTERCATION, book 2 in the PERILOUS series!

While ALTERCATION is a sequel, it's written to stand on its own as well. It's very hard to be objective about this, as the omniscient author... but I've gotten great feedback that I accomplished it!

Here are some early reviews for ALTERCATION:

"Let me catch my breath . . .

And it was so worth it!
I couldn't pause to breathe through the entire book. 
Heiner has re-invented 'edge of the seat', 'hold onto something solid', "take a deep breath and hold it' journalism.
Who knew it could be done without resorting to cheap tricks or steamy interludes?" -- Diane Tolley, author of Carving Angels

“Heiner has written a story with complex and interesting characters. Not only did I care about the characters, I cared about what happened to them.” J. Lloyd Morgan, award-winning author of The Hidden Sun.

Ready for the blog tour? It starts this Friday, June 1! Here's the line-up:

June 1 - Lydia Kang
June 4 - Rashelle Workman
June 5 - David West
June 6 - Tristi Pinkston
June 7 - Shannon O'Donnell
June 11 - Jennifer Shirk
June 12 - Saumya
June 13 - Justine Dell
June 14 - Laurel Garver
June 18 - Elizabeth Mueller
June 19 - Bonnie Harris
June 20 - Nichole Giles
June 21 - Marsha Ward
June 22 - Jo Ramsey
June 25 - Arlee Bird
June 26 - Laura Bingham
June 27 - Carrie Harris
June 29 - Deborah Davis

But it's not a blog tour without prizes, is it?

So, here they are! Since this is a blog tour, EVERY DAY I will randomly select one person who made a comment on that day's blog. The winner will then get to decide if they would like an ebook copy of PERILOUS or ALTERCATION. That means I'm giving away 21 ebooks! And all you have to do is leave a comment! There's just one catch: there must be AT LEAST ten comments on that day for me to do the giveaway.

But if that's not enough, leaving a comment also gets you entered into the PRIZE DRAWINGS. This won't be random; it's cumulative. Every comment you leave counts as 1 point. If you are a follower on my blog, you get 1 point. Every time you tweet or share on Facebook about the tour, it's one point. I'll even add it up for you; just include me in on the tweet @tamaraheiner or on Facebook @tamarahartheiner (unless you don't trust my math, and then feel free to tally it up and send it to me).

THIRD PRIZE: 50-page critique of something of your choice (if you're not a writer, a $5 amazon.com gift card)
SECOND PRIZE: lot of five YA books
FIRST PRIZE: $20 gift card to Amazon.com

I will create a new page with the blog tour links on it, so you can check back often! I'm so excited for this book! I hope you'll love it as much as I do!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Tamara,

I'm here by way of Arlee Bird's Tossing It Out. Impressive reviews and I enjoyed your snippet. Good luck with your new book and blog tour!

Buck Inspire

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